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Paul Hollister Slide Photographs

Identifier: 2016-006

Scope and Contents

The Paul Hollister slide photographs consist of approximately 17,000 slides compiled by late glass scholar, glass collector, and painter Paul Hollister (1918-2004). The slides were donated as two separate groups:

The first group of approximately 11,000 slides was compiled as teaching images to accompany Hollister's lectures on the history of glass. About 8,500 of these slides are reproduction images from primary and secondary sources. About 2,250 slides are photographs taken by Hollister showing glass objects in exhibitions and museum collections. Additionally, there are about 250 images taken by Hollister showing notable glassmakers working in studios, demonstrating techniques, and giving workshops. Artists pictured include Dale Chihuly, Howard Ben Tre, Benjamin Moore, Paul Stankard, Mark Peiser, Lino Tagliapietra, and Marvin Lipofsky.

Studios and workshops pictured include Blenko Glass Company (WV), Penland Glass Workshops (NC), WheatonArts/Wheaton Village (NJ), Experimental Mulberry Street (New York, NY), Experimental Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY), Pairpoint (MA), Mosaic Studio, Vatican (Italy), studio of Howard Ben Tre, and New York Experimental Glassworks.

The second group of slides consists of approximately 6,000 images taken by Paul Hollister on his travels throughout the United States and Europe. Most of these slides are from the 1980s and 1990s, though about 2,000 are dated from the 1960s.

Teaching slides appear to be organized according to Paul Hollister's courses and curricula. Sometimes, but not always, slide sleeves or the slides themselves are labeled with information including aspect of glass study, locations, exhibition information, dates (apparently course dates at times, and dates of photography other times), and source (for reproduced images).

The collection consists of 41 binders, 4 shoeboxes, and several loose folders of slide photographs.

Binders are arranged and labeled as follows:

BINDER 1: labeled "Glass and Material and Working"

  • Sleeve labels: Techniques (2); Glassworking Techniques; Chihuly in Experimental Brooklyn; Glass in 20th c. Cairo. Uses for Glass.

  • Glass studios pictured: Blenko Glass Co., Milton, WV, Wheaton Village, Pairpoint Factory, MA, unidentified, Experimental Mulberry Street, Experimental Glassworks, Brooklyn

BINDER 2: labeled "Techniques"

  • Sleeve labels: Cast and Sandcast; Cast and Cut; Core-Formed; Cut; Freeblown and Pattern Moldblown; Pattern Moldblown; Applied, Hotworked; Cased/Cased and Cut, etc.; Cameo; Cage Cups-Diatreta; Engraved; Renaissance II; Engraved (Rock-Crystal); Lampwork; Whitehouse of Blaschka Lampwork; Blaschka Lampwork c. 1910/Royal Scottish Mus.; Enamelling; Misc. Pressed; Pressed Glass (1 hour)

  • Glass studios pictured: Lampwork Shop, Penland, NC, unidentified, Wheaton Village

BINDER 3: labeled "Glass in Paintings"

  • Glass studios pictured: Mosaic Studio, Vatican

BINDER 5: labeled "Crystal Palace"

  • Sleeve labels: Crystal Palace (Architecture); Crystal Palace 1851; Scientific; Glass Architecture; Misc.

BINDER 6: labeled "Misc. Pate de Verre"

  • Sleeve labels: Pate de Verre; Plique a Jour

BINDER 7: labeled "Tiffany/Carder"

  • Sleeve labels: Tiffany/Carder Lecture; Tiffany; Carder Misc.; Corning/Rockwell/Carder; Carder

BINDER 8: labeled "20th Century European"

  • Sleeve labels: Baccarat / 10/9/94; Gallé; Émile Gallé; Lalique; Marinot/Navarre/Thuret / C-H Dec. 4/90 (1 hour); Marinot/Navarre/Thuret / C-H Dec. 4/90; Marinot/Navarre/Thuret / C-H Dec. 4/90

BINDER 9: labeled "20th Century cont'd"

  • Sleeve labels: New Glass Review; Murano, Modern Glass Museum / 1985

BINDER 10: labeled "Cameo Incrustations/Beads/Jewelry"

  • Sleeve labels: Beads, Seligman and Beck, etc.; Beads

BINDER 11: labeled "Steuben/Orrefore"

  • Sleeve labels: Bard talk Nov.26/96; Orrefore; Steuben

BINDER 12: labeled "Glass Talks and Lectures 1"

  • Sleeve labels: Early Glass; Ancient Mosaic, Roman Blown; Roman Empire Mosaic-Mille; Roman Mosaic-Mille; Roman Blown; Roman Mold-Blown; Roman Contd.

BINDER 13: labeled "Glass Talks and Lectures 2"

  • Sleeve labels: Carder's Lost Wax Castings/Rockwell Mus.; Carder's Cire Perdue Castings/Rockwell Mus.; Rockwell/Carder; Rockwell/Carder Talk

BINDER 14: labeled "Diverse Glass Talks"

  • Sleeve labels: James Jackson Jarves talk/Sandwich; Art Deco at Sea; Memphis

BINDER 15: labeled "Ocean Liners 1"

  • Sleeve labels: S.S. Paris; Paris; Paris, etc.; Ile de France; Ile de France Miscellany

BINDER 16: labeled "Ocean Liners 2"

  • Sleeve labels: Lafayette - Champlain; Normandie itself; Ships - Normandie Fire; Normandie - Grand Salon; Normandie - Smoking Room; Normandie - Dining Rooms; Normandie - Various spaces; Normandie - Various rooms; Normandie - Cabins; Normandie - Suites; Normandie - Various; Normandie - Misc. Duplicates; Normandie - Miscellaneous

BINDER 17: labeled ""Bard Fall '93"

  • Sleeve labels: Glass Onceover Lightly Survey; Early Glass, Egyptian, Structure; Bard Roman Blown; Bard - Roman; Bard - Roman/Islamic; Bard - Islamic; Forest/Medieval; Renaissance I, Renaissance II, Bard/Renaissance II, Engraved Lecture; Engraving; Bard/Engraved

  • Glass studios pictured: Blenko Glass Co., Milton, WV, Wheaton Village, Glass Workshop, Mosaic Studio, Vatican

BINDER 18: labeled "Museum Shots"

  • Sleeve labels: Carde/Rockwell Museum; Whitefriars Exhib./London Museum; Gulbenkian Museum; Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh/Blashka; Barcelona '85; La Granja '85; Madrid '85/Decorative Arts Museum; Madrid '85/National Museum of Archeology; 94 Chrysler Museum; 88 Toledo Museum of Art; Rijksmuseum 1990/Lameris; V+A 1988; Oglebay Museum, Wheeling, W. Va./May 1991; Lobmeyr Mus./Top: Mus. Copenhagen/Mus. Der Stadt Wien/July-Aug. 1991; Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zurich/Ancient/Sept. 1991; Vienna, Mus. Der Stadt, Wien/Sept. 1991; Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Mus./ Angewandt Kunst Mus. storage; Museum Bellerive/Zurich; CMG/1991; Victoria + Albert Museum/June 27, 1992; Lehman Coll. Glass; MMA (redo tungsten); Whaling Museum, New Bedford Glass/Nov. 1994; Oslo, kunstindustrimuseet/May '95; Trondheim Mus. Applied Art/May '95; Holland/Glass Congress/1995; TMA/Henry Ford Museum/'96

BINDER 19: [untitled binder - note affixed to binder reads "pulled some slides on N.E.G. Co. and B&S - also contains 18th c. England"]

  • Sleeve labels: Early Glass, Egyptian, Structure/Sept 15, 1992 (2); C-H Roman Empire Glass/Sept. 22, 1992 (3); Ancient; Medieval; Hedwig Glasses; C-H92 Renaissance II (1); C-H92 Renaissance II (2); C-H92 Renaissance II (3); C-H April 25, 1991 Renaissance (1); C-H Oct. 30, 1990 Renaissance (2); Japanese Glass 18, 19 c.; Bard/English Gl./Oct. 28, 1993 (3); 19 c. British

BINDER 20: labeled "Louis XIV table slides and lecture"

  • Sleeve labels: Louis XIV Glass Table (3) / Nov. 10, 1992; Louis XIV Glass Table (4) / Nov. 10, 1992; Talk on Louis XIV Table (4); Louis XIV Table (1) / Aug. 1991; Louis XIV Table (2) / Aug. 1991; Versailles Parc, Cooper-Hewitt Prints / Perelle et al. / April 1992; Le Pautre, Silvestre, les Plaisirs de l'Isle Enchantee, 1664; Talk on Louis XIV Table (1); Talk on Louis XIV Table (4)

BINDER 21: [untitled binder - note affixed to binder reads "nothing U.S. / mostly Ancient Medieval and Islamic"]

  • Sleeve labels: Diatreta; Wheel-cut (cast); Gold+glass; Cameo Diatreta; Alfred Wolkenberg Coll. Christie's London/July 9, '91; CH Roman/Syrian /Oct. 9, 1990 (1); CH Roman (Cont'd)/Sept. 29, 1992 (4); CH Roman Empire Glass/Sept. 22, 1992 (4); CH Roman (Cont'd)/Sept. 29, 1992 (1); CH Roman (Cont'd)/Sept. 29, 1992 (3); Roman (Cont'd)/Oct. 2, 1990 (3); Hedwigs Basel '88; Islamic Enameled; Islamic/Oct. 13, 1992 (1); Islamic/Oct. 13, 1992 (3); Islamic/Oct. 13, 1992 (4); C-H Islamic Enameled/Oct. 16, 1990 (1); Forest/Medieval (5)

BINDER 22: labeled "Glass Furniture, lighting, etc."

  • Sleeve labels: Glass Furniture (1); Glass Furniture (2); Russian Furniture and Architecture; Lighting; Library/Columbian 1893-1904; LIBBEY and other glass at Columbian Expo. Chicago 1893; Libbey 1893; Glass in the Home; American Table Settings 18c.; Glass at World's Fairs/Sept. 90; Glass at Worl's Fairs 1853

BINDER 23: binder labeled "Some Jarves / Some contemp. studio" / handwritten inventory from Irene Hollister calls it "Bard Lectures"

  • Sleeve labels: James S. Jarves; Lampwork/Bard / Oct. 28, 1993 (1); Lampwork/Bard / Oct. 28, 1993 (2); Lampwork/Bard / Oct. 28, 1993 (3); Bard/English Gl. / Oct. 28, 1993 (1); Bard/English Gl. / Oct. 28, 1993 (2); Biedermeier/Opaline/Boh. / Bard / Nov. 3, 1993 (1); Biedermeier/Opaline/Boh. / Bard / Nov. 3, 1993 (2); Pressed Glass / Bard Nov. 4, 1993 (1); Pressed Glass / Bard Nov. 4, 1993 (2); Pre-studio (1); Pre-studio / Feb. 5, 1990 (2); Pre-studio / Feb. 5, 1990 (3); Pre-studio / Feb. 5, 1990 (4); American Studio Glass / Bard / Nov. 30, 1993 (3); American Studio Glass / Bard / Nov. 30, 1993 (4); American Studio Glass / Bard / Nov. 30, 1993 (5); American Studio Glass / Bard / Nov. 30, 1993 (6); American Studio Glass / Bard / Nov. 30, 1993 (4); Steuben's Debt to Orrefors; Steuben's Debt to Orrefors (4) C-H; Steuben's Debt to Orrefors; Steuben's Debt to Orrefors; Steuben's Debt to Orrefors; Henry Mercer / Doylestown, PA

BINDER 31: labeled "Studio/Contemp."

  • Sleeve labels: Ben Tre/Ruth Brockman; Chihuly; Jamie Carpenter/Dan Dailey/Dowler; Kennedy/Eckerd / Stephen Dee Edwards/1988-89; Stephen Dale Edwards; Michael Glancy; Halem/Ray King/Tom McGlauchlin; Henry Halem; David Hopper; Kobasz; Jon Kuhn; Jon Kuhn/Heller Gallery; Max Leser. Vogel/Littleton; Carol Cohen. Jose Cardiet; Libensky/Brychtova; Mace/Kirkpatrick; Ben Moore/Morris

  • Glass studios pictured: Penland, NC, Howard BenTre Studio, Marvin Lipofsky

BINDER 32: [untitled binder]

  • Glass studios pictured: Penland, NC, Howard BenTre Studio, Marvin Lipofsky

BINDER 33: labeled "Millefiori"

  • Sleeve labels: Bard/Mosaic/Millefiori; Per Neb Coll.; Mosaic/Millefiori; Renaissance I; Mosaic Glass Studio; Millefiori Balls; Millefiori 4-9 C.; Millefiori Fragments Ancient; Renaissance Millefiori; Renaissance Millefiori Fragments; Dodwell Bowls; Millefiori 19 C

  • Glass studios pictured: Mosaic Studio, Vatican, poss. Richard Marquis studio?

BINDER 34: labeled "Beauport"

  • Sleeve labels: Beauport and Easter Point; Beauport

BINDER 35: [untitled folder]

  • Sleeve labels: Libbey Glass Factory at Chicago Columbian Expo 1893; Frances and Michael Higgins


  • Sleeve labels: Art Died at Sea [1]-[4]; Crystal Palace Construction [1]-[2]; Louis XIV Glass Table [1]-[5]; [???] / Vermeer Painting [1]; Mark Peiser's Glass - one example; Carder at Corning '85; Experimental Glass Works (Chihuly Oct. 85); Bard Studio Glass / Nov. 30, 1993 (1); Bard Studio Glass / Nov. 30, 1993 (2); American Studio Glass (2); American Studio Glass (3); Pre-Studio (5); Pre-Studio (6)


  • Slide labels: Scenic views for: Michael Richardson '86; Spain/Good photos not identified; The Town of Corning '85 not marked; Lausanne/Ouchy '85 some marked; Rome Vatican (marked) Mosaic Studio; Bklyn Bridge March '63 Ektochrome; Oct 22/67 Heidi (Hollister's cat); Heidi; Heidi '68; '94 Double Exposures; Europe Alone '38; 10 Reims Cathedral oxe dates 1917/18 WWI photo possibly; New York Negatives (early); Irene Hollister 100 B; Miscellaneous Negatives - Landscapes, etc. London 1951


  • Slide labels: St. Thomas?; Old NYC; Eastham '73; Eastham; Heidi and Flowers; Bermuda '62; Unmarked Scenes; Naushon July '60; Eastham "73"


  • Slide labels: Oct. '65 Weights overexposed; PW; Langston; Underexposed Billups; Bengstrom; paperweights; L. J. Gratham Weights Oct. '66; PH PW May 1969 and 2 of Johns; Bergstrom, Sinclair, PH; '66 Godsman Gillinders; PH old small weights; Sinclair; Misc. PWt's; Langston; retake Sinclair; Misc. PW; bergstrom; PH old small; PH PW various; Misc. PW's; Sinclair; Sinclair PW's; MT W + Bacchus April '67; Bergstrom; Factory x Basket; PH Weights; PH Weights


  • Slide labels: Motherlode Yosemite May '62; PH Weights; PH Old Small Weights; Bergstrom and others; PH 1966; Oct. '65 weights shots; Winchester; Hitchens; Europe '64; Jumieges '64; Loire Jumiehac '64; Winchester '64; Winchester '64; Europe '64; Venice '64; Nemours, Forest of Fontainebleau, Chartres '64; Cotswolds '64; Cotswolds '64; Cezanne; London '64; Venice '64; Venice and Florence '64; Dordogne; Venice Painting Showpieces; Autumn '65 Weights Old Camera; St. Remy; Cassis '64; Conques region '64; Congues '64; Rome '64; Europe; Weights; Sinclair; PH Weights old small shots; Summer '65 Weights old camera; PH Weights Oct. '66; PH PW; My Modern Weights Oct. '66; Sinclair

The following binders are listed in the preliminary handwritten inventory provided by Irene Hollister, but were not part of either donation to Bard Graduate Center:










  • personal slides ca. 1962-1998
  • studio, exhibition, and teaching slides ca. 1975-1996 [bulk ca. 1982-1994]


Conditions Governing Access

For access, please contact Bard Graduate Center's Visual Media Resources staff.

Biographical / Historical

"Paul Hollister, artist, author, researcher and collector was born in New York City on September 2, 1918 and died on July 2, 2004. He attended Milton Academy and in 1941, he received his Bachelor of Science degree with a fine art major from Harvard College. He was a self-taught painter, who had numerous exhibitions of his work and a historian who wrote over 150 articles and half a dozen books. He is one of the leading authorities on paperweights. His publications include: "The Encylopedia of Glass Paperweights of the New-York Historical Society," published in 1974; "Paperweights: Flowers which Clothe the Meadows", a catalog of a special exhibition of paperweights at Corning, published in 1978, and co-authored with Dwight P. Lanmon. He also wrote the American glass sections of "Five Thousand Years of Glass," published by the British Museum in 1991, and in 1993, he wrote "Brilliance in Glass: The Lost Wax Sculpture of Frederick Carder" for the Rockwell Museum of Corning. From 1975 to 1985, he was editor of the Bulletin of the Early American Glass Club. His glass interests include topics other than paperweights, for example, he wrote many articles on the studio movement. He lectured at museums and glass clubs including seminars at The Corning Museum of Glass, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New-York Historical Society and the National Museum of American History. He presented his research in scholarly papers at seven international glass congresses. From 1984 to 1993, he was an adjunct association professor in the Master's program in decorative arts at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and from 1993 to 1994, he was an adjunct professor at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the decorative arts." (biography from the Corning Museum of Glass)


9.2 Linear Feet (41 binders, 4 shoeboxes, and several loose folders)

Language of Materials



Collection of slide photographs compiled by Paul Hollister (1918-2004), glass scholar and former professor at Bard Graduate Center. Includes teaching images sourced from other publications, original photography by Paul Hollister of studio glassworking and notable glass artists, and personal travel photographs.


Original arrangement retained. Slides are housed in original binders and containers. Binders are grouped mostly by subject, with teaching slides grouped by area of study, and personal slides grouped mostly by location.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Donated by Paul Hollister's wife Irene Hollister (d. 2016).

Related Materials

There are related archival materials from Paul Hollister at the Corning Museum of Glass (Corning, New York) and the Archives of American Art (Washington, D.C.).

The Paul M. Hollister collection at the Corning Museum of Glass includes both papers and recordings of his lectures; research files; ephemera on various glass artists; and reference note cards.

The Paul Hollister papers at the Archives of American Art include biographical materials; correspondence; project files; writings; sales records; a scrapbook; and printed materials.

Paul Hollister Slide Photographs
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